The Department of Trade & Commerce which was later amalgamated with Industries Department was created in the year 1987 with a view to improve the economic condition of the state through promotion of trade and commercial activities. Realising the agricultural sectors from the economic backbone of the State, adequate provisions were made to improve and promote agricultural marketing through regulation of agricultural markets and through sufficiently safeguarding the interest of marginal farmers against all forms of unhealthy competition and exploitation. As envisaged in the Memorandum of Settlement signed in the Peace Accord of 1986, the function of development of Border Trade with the friendly neighbouring countries with whom Mizoram share 722 km long International border was allocated to this Department (Commerce Wing). The Department took over the administration and management of markets from Land Revenue & Settlement Department (LR & S Department) and Local Administration Department (LAD) with effect from August, 2000.

There are currently more than 200 Markets across the State which are directly or indirectly managed by Commerce & industries (Commerce Wing). These Markets are of great significance as they provide livelihood to thousands of families and a source of revenue to the Government by contributing in the State Revenue in the form market fees and stall rent. This Wing also collected revenue by means of issuing permit fees for export and import of agriculture and allied sector as per The Mizoram Agricultural Produces (Prohibition of Movement) (Amendment) Order, 1999.


Development and facilitation of Border Trade is one of the main activities of the Commerce & industries (Commerce Wing) and it has been taking steps in constructing necessary infrastructures for the development of Border Trade activities with neighbouring countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh.