Trade & Commerce Department was established in the year 1987. Though young and small it is one of the most important department under the Government of Mizoram. Since its inception, the department has taken the initiative of promoting and regulating trade in the State. Promotion and regulation of local trade, promotion of inter-state and border trade are the chief responsibilities of this department. The main goal of the Department is to develop and to ensure security to the people by promoting trade & commerce throughout the State.


Under the Peace Accord of  1986, the Trade & Commerce Department is bestowed with the obligation of promoting border trade and inter-state trade with the neighbouring Countries and States. The Department is fully committed to implement border trade and transform Mizoram into a major player in India’s Look East Policy. The responsibility of constructing  markets, market sheds and road-side markets for quick disposal of  agriculture and allied products in different locations of the State is in the hand of Trade & Commerce Department.


            This booklet contains the vision and mission of the Department, the various activities and working of the department , the channel for the application of permits for movement of agricultural products to or beyond Mizoram, allotment of market seats for selling of agricultural produces and mechanism for redressal of citizen’s grievances and the organizational setup.



Prosperity of the State through the promotion, regulation and development of trade and commerce.



1.Regulation of trade

2.Construction of markets for selling of agricultural and allied products

3.Generation of more employment opportunities in the markets

4.Construction of Border trade centre  and Border Trade Township

5.Promotion of International, Inter-State and Local Trade



1.Develop border trade

2.Promotion of inter-state trade

3.Providing infrastructural facilities in the market

4.Promotion of Local Trade

5.Promotion of entrepreneurship


Activities and Responsibilities of the Department


                        The Department of Trade and Commerce continuously strive to undertake the various activities and responsilities that would be of maximum benefit to the people.


                        As per the Allocation of Business Rules of the Government of Mizoram (GAD Notification dated 3.11.2004) the following business are assigned to the Department:-


1.Promotion and regulation of trade & commerce subject to provision of entry 33 list in the 7th schedule to the Constitution

2.Trading by Non-Tribals (Regulation) Act 1974 and the rules thereunder

3.Border trade

4.Agriculture marketing including sericulture products

5.Regulated markets

6.Establishment of market yards and trade centre

7.Inter-state trade

8.The trade-mark Act 1999

9.Collection of toll tax on movement across the bridge over the Tiau river on the Indo-Myanmar border.


I.Agriculture Marketing


The primary activity of the Department is improvement of marketing aspects of agricultural products by providing physical market infrastructure to protect the general interest of the farmers. The Trade & Commerce Department now manages 224 markets directly or indirectly within the State.


-Construction of Market and providing of market seats to the sellers for selling of agricultural and allied produces


-Provision of  employment to a certain number of  people particularly to women and weaker section of the society


-Construction of road-side markets for quick disposal of agricultural products


-Construction of garbage bins for dumping of market wastes


-Construction of go-down for preservation of perishable commodities


-Issue of permits for movement of agricultural and allied products to / from the State  (inter -State trade)


-Protection of the Citizens from unscrupulous traders and illegal trade practices in the department manages markets .                               




Construction of check-gates at the Inter-state boundary to check movement of agricultural produces beyond and into the State. The department presently manages three check-gates at Vairengte (Kolasib District), Kanhmun (Mamit District) and Bairabi (Kolasib District).


Proper management of the Department’s markets as per the terms & conditions notified  from time to time.



II.Border Trade/ASIDE/(EDF-NER)


            With a view to improving the economic condition of the State through promotion of trade and commercial activities, the function of development of border trade with the neighbouring countries is entrusted to Trade & Commerce Department.


            Thus, with the allocation of fund under the Assistance to States for Infrastructural Development for Exports (ASIDE) Scheme and Export Development Fund, North Eastern Region (EDF-NER) certain number of projects have been taken up by the department. But now the scheme for the development of Border Trade, ASIDE has delinked.



III.            Citizens or Clients / Stakeholders involved with the Department


                        The Trade & Commerce Department is the Nodal Agency for the promotion and regulation of trade and commerce in the State. In this process the Department consults and collaborates with the following stakeholders :


1.         Citizen’s residing in Mizoram -           Bonafide Citizen who have Voter’s Identity Card  and who belongs to scheduled tribes category

2.        Government of Mizoram        -           For fixation of  permit fees for movement of agricultural and allied products and enforcement of                                                                             regulation of trade

3.         Government Departments     -           To foster cooperation and collaborations with various Government Departments for the promotion and                                                                     development of Local and Inter-state trade

4.         NGO’s                                -           Safeguarding of trade and its related activities from illegal trading Practices

5.         Local / Village Council          -           Prevention of black marketing and proclamation of  trade related Government’s notification into the                                                             local and village council area


IV.Services offered for the Citizens


                        The Trade and Commerce Department provided important services to the people of Mizoram for carrying in and out of agricultural and allied products and allotment of seats and garbage disposal.


Sl     No.








Time Frame

Rates/Fees/ Rental


Issue of permits for import/export of agricultural and allied products

1.MO II, Directorate

2.AMI, i/c DMO Kolasib

3. DMO ,Lunglei                       4. DMO, Champhai







Through marketing section Directorate of T&C , DMO Office Kolasib, DMO Office Lunglei, DMO Office Champhai.

Application form ( Rs 10) available with Directorate T&C , DMO Lunglei, Kolasib and Champhai . Voter’s ID Xerox attested copy

Permit is issued at all working days for 3 months validity

As per the Government Notification

(see appendix)


Allotment of seats for the sellers in the district markets

1.Director T&C, Aizawl District

2.DMO Champhai

3.DMO Lunglei

4. AMI, i/c DMO Kolasib





Application written or typed in plain paper addressing any of the responsible officer must be submitted according to the location of the market seats apply

Voter’s ID attested Xerox copy

Market seats / shops are allotted for 3/5 years respectively

Rates of Fees and rentals are varied according to the items of trade selected and location of shops rented. Fees are collected daily and rentals are collected monthly.


Auctioning of  Market Fee Collection

Director , Trade & Commerce


2333 058


10% of the reserved price as earnest money at call deposit should be summited within a time framed after the auction notice is publicized in a local daily newspaper



Auction is held twice annually for 6 months period in the month of  March and September

Highest bidder who is selected is required to submit 20% of his/her bidding amount as security







Disposal of


Director Trade & Commerce

0389 -



1Earnest money at call deposit Rs 5000 should be summited within a prescribed period after Sealed Tender Notice is publicized in a local newspaper

2.DPAB will confer the permit to the lowest bidder

1.Tender Form available with Marketing Section at Rs 10.

2.Photo ID Xerox attested

3.Residential Certificate

4.House Tax payment Certificate

One term period is 6 months  and after the expiration of 6 months fresh Tender Notice will be notified. Tender is notified twice annually.

Selected contractor will have to submit 6% of his/her bidding amount as security


Recommendation of private entrepreneurs/firms for grant of EDF-NER Fund to APEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Export Commissioner of Mizoram

0389- 2325673

Email- zothana@

Preparation and submission of Detailed Project report (DPR)addressing Export Commissioner,Mizoram as per the latest EDF-NER guidelines

5 copies of DPR must be submitted addressed to the Export Commissioner

After obtaining Government approval DPR alongwith the recommendation of Export Commissioner will be submitted to APEDA




V.Right to Information Act

     The Right to Information Act 2005 has been implemented by the Department as per Rules& Regulations contained in the Act. The following officers are designated as State Public Information Officer (SPIO) and State Assistant Public Informatioin Officers (SAPIO) as per Government of Mizoram Notification No.F.14011/1/2014-TC dated 29.1.2015:-


Sl No.







      Jt. Director


   2335386 (O)/


Directorate, Trade & Commerce Aizawl District



     DMO, Champhai




Champhai District



    DMO, Lunglei



Lunglei District



    Lucy Lalremruati

    AMI, Kolasib



Kolasib District



   AMI, Serchhip



Serchhip District


                        Any person dissatisfied with the decision/action of the SPIO/SAPIO may prefer an appeal to the Appellate Authority viz. Dr. C.Lalzirliana, Directorate, Trade & Commerce Department (Contact: 2333058 (O)/ 9436354754 (M))





VI.Grievance Redressal Mechanism

                        As the Department do not have separate  Grievance Redressal Cell or Public Grievance Officer anyone who has a grievances or complaints against the services rendered by the Department may freely submit his/her complaints directly to the concerned authority mentioned below through hand-written or computer-typed letter and by clearly indicating the ground in support of his or her grievances. All complaints/queries may be replied to the aggrieved party with the decision and clarification of the concerned authority within 30 days.


Sl No.




Dr. C.Lalzirliana





 H.D. Lalrintluanga

 Jt. Director

2335386 (O)



 B. Zoramchhana

DMO, Champhai




C. Lalthangkima

DMO, Lunglei




Lucy Lalremruati

AMI, Kolasib




AMI, Serchhip




                                                                                                                                                                                                Citizens can also lodge their complains/queries through the ‘Fakselna Box’ maintain by the Department or through the Department’s website or through the Department Fax No - 2335211. All the complains/queries will be dealt with by the Department at the earliest possible .


VII.Expectations from the Citizens


                        Citizens are expected to abide by the Rules and Regulations framed by the Government / Trade&Commerce Department from time to time.


1.Citizens shall obtain movement permit for agricultural Products only through the proper channel ie from the Directorate of Trade&Commerce and DMO,Lunglei ,DMO, Champhai and DMO,Kolasib.

2.No permit holder shall sell items mentioned other than the item mentioned in the permit and outside the area of operation in the permit.

3.Citizens shall not transfer their permits to any other person.

4.Citizens shall not indulge in illegal trade practices or smuggling which can be detrimental to the smooth flow of the economy

5.Charging or selling agricultural produces and garments at exorbitant rates shall not be promoted.

6.Market Seats allotted by the Department shall not be  rented or sell to any third party.

7. Maintenance of cleanliness shall be strictly observed and promoted.

8.Citizens are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of trade related acts and rules

9.To assist the Government in the promotion and development of trade and commerce





VIII.Review Of The Citizen’s Charter


                        Citizen’s Charter will be reviewed periodically in accordance with the new roles assigned or taken up by the Department from time to time. The updated version of the Citizen’s Charter will be uploaded at the department’s website i.e. for ready reference.


Office Address and Contacts


  1. Directorate of Trade & Commerce

Peter’s Street, Mission Veng

Aizawl, Mizoram – 796001

Phone         : (0389) 2333058

Fax    : (0389) 2335211

E-mail :


  1. District Marketing Office, Lunglei

C. Lalthangkima, Marketing Officer

Phone : 9862329543


  1. District Marketing Office, Champhai

B. Zoramchhana, Marketing Officer

Phone : (03831) 234066 (O)/8974989259


  1. District Marketing Office, Kolasib

Lucy Lalremruati, Asst. Marketing Inspector

Phone : 9862559349