The Govt. of Mizoram Allocation of Business Rules, 2019 allocated  the following to Commerce & Industries (Commerce Wing).


1)     Promotion and Regulation of Trade & Commerce subject to provision of entry 33 of list in the 7th Schedule of the Constitution.

          2)      Trading by Non-Tribal (Regulation) Act, 1974 and Rules there under.

          3)      Border Trades.

          4)      Regulated Markets and Market Yards.

          5)      Village Market.

          6)      Inter-State-Trade.

          7)      Collection of toll taxes on roads/bridges connecting India and foreign countries.                

          8)      The Competition Act, 2002.

          9)      Export strategy of the State.

         10)     Price regulation of meat, vegetables, cereals.        


                   Apart from the above allocated business, this Department has directly taken up the   responsibility of implementing Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) and Projects such as :


   1. Market Research Information Network (MRIN) Scheme also called the AGMAR Scheme of the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection,  Ministry of Agriculture.

   2. This Department has also been Notified as the Nodal Department for the Competition Commission

Act, 2002 vide No.D.24015/21/200TC  dt. 20.7.2005.

   3. Direct Selling/Marketing.

   4. Agriculture Export Policy.